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* Established in 2009, UniStorage, with its headquarters at the EUREKA Complex, USM 11800 Penang, is a student of the School of Computer Science at Technopreneurship. With collaboration, UniStorage has become a major collaboration between post and courier sector players. It helps to ensure a worldwide network of products and services. In this way, UniStorage fulfills the roles of advisors, intermediaries and connectors, and provides technical assistance if required. It assists the rules for international mail and courier exchanges and proposes to stimulate growth in mail and courier, volume and services and improve service quality for customers. For an overview of organizational activities, please consult the UniStorage 2015 annual report online.


About this section

In the left menu you will find lots of useful and important information to help you understand UniStorage, an organization whose history, its place in the university family, its roles and activities across the post and courier sector, and its operations, especially helping with the successful entrepreneurship policy of students in the campus by providing an expanding platform and upgrading rural community infrastructure through agri-livestock farming and agro-marketing programs.


Organization of Cooperation

UniStorage consists of:

6 Congressional Bodies

  • Student Entrepreneurship Center (EPIC)
  • The Business Excellent Institute (IBE)
  • UMP Holdings Services (UMPH)
  • Koperasi UiTM Selangor Berhad (Tunas Mekar)
  • Koperasi USM Berhad
  • Koperasi UMT Berhad