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UniStorage was established in 2009 as an Entrepreneurship Techno Research at the School of Computer Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia with collaboration between post and courier sector players. It helps to ensure a worldwide network of products and services. In this way, UniStorage fulfills the roles of advisers, intermediaries and connectors, and provides technical assistance if required. It assists the rules for international mail and courier exchanges and proposes to stimulate growth in mail and courier, volume and services and improve service quality for customers. UniStorage solutions give retailers, brands and wholesalers access to multiple carriers and services at discounted rates. Add to this our free innovative software and you have everything you need to ship any size parcel anywhere in the world.  

Strategic Organization 

Our SBU in Retails and Operations in postal and courier.

Organization of Cooperation

  • Student Entrepreneurship Center (EPIC), USM;
  • The Business Excellent Institute (IBE), UiTM;
  • UMP Holdings Services (UMPH)
  • Koperasi UiTM Selangor Berhad (Tunas Mekar)
  • Koperasi USM Berhad
  • Koperasi UMT Berhad
  • Koperasi UniKL MIAT
  • Koperasi USIM Berhad
  • Koperasi Siswa USM Kelantan Berhad
  • Koperasi Siswa IIUM Berhad
  • Koperasi Siswa UiTM Perlis Berhad
  • Tesco (M) Sdn Bhd

UniStorage Concept Framework

The conceptual framework of UniStorage is based on the Supply Chain principle as follows:

First, postal & courier services are delivery activities that ultimately become development for all especially the local community. It is considered a strategic service, used for effectiveness, can contribute significantly to serve citizens, businesses and governments. It aims to support UniStorage development efforts;

Second, the context of the business type of the overall pattern and the level of development of each relevant member (referring to the various platforms under unistorage (UniFarm & UniShop) and finally the availability of e-services around the world, taking the view that the main goal remains innovation, integration and all-encompassing.

What makes UniStorage unique?

  • UniStorage transfers knowledge among the community especially university students in Malaysia;
  • Technology and UniStorage Support Systems that are relevant to local needs, especially to the local community;
  • UniStorage's range of optional services and business management solutions from receiving, processing and shipping that provide access to supply chain services;
  • Delivering nearly 10.2 billion transactions across our branches operating multiple platforms and marketplaces, including EMS, DHL, Shopee, LAZADA, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento, Linnworks, Shopify, Klook, Booking.com, Trivago and more (2009:2023);
  • UniStorage customers increased by more than 20% in financial year 2022;
  • Operators of the Notification Platform (PRE-ALERT) collectively and proactively help monitor the status of orders and sales, ensuring the best supply chain experience;
  • Additional services include EDI exchange, API, Custom eCommerce Customer Support tools for eCommerce improvements.

Optimizing Delivery Experience

Thanks to our affiliation with the services rendered in parallel with the growth of the eCommerce sector at a high level, UniStorage has seen significant growth. Due to the uncertainty of the mail and courier distribution sector in Malaysia, which requires more multi-carrier solutions as the sector continues to grow.

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