Corporate Responsibility

The UniStorage Corporate Responsibility

We takes Corporate Responsibility is part of our corporate strategy.


Corporate Responsibility is part of our corporate strategy. With "Universal Responsibility" as our motto, we focus on environmental protection (GoGreen), disaster management (GoHelp) and education (GoTeach) and employee volunteer support (Global Volunteer Day)

GoHelp - Partnership with Student Affairs Division, Universiti Sains Malaysia (BHEP) in disaster management

Smart and comprehensive preventive measures and persistent preparatory conditions are urgently needed to ensure quick and effective relief in the event of a disaster. The GoHelp program supports university aid efforts by lobbying our logistics expertise, our global network and the personal commitment of our individual employees.

We should deny any free shipping requests to affected areas. The situation in the airport due to the catastrophic disaster is quite busy, and individual and unsolicited packages that arrive in the area can make congestion at the airport and slow down the whole process.

GoGreen - There are many ways to improve energy efficiency in the logistics chain. Potential savings can be found in all parts of the supply chain and there are ways to minimize emissions regardless of the source. This applies to road, sea and air transportation and warehousing at logistics centers. Major efficiency gains can also be achieved by optimizing our logistics network.

Our ultimate focus, of course, is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we implement measures to minimize all other environmental impacts in our business activities, among others


Network optimization

By optimizing the design of logistics networks, supply chains can make carbon efficiency gains even without making technical modifications to vehicles. This includes optimization measures on several levels: operational, tactical and strategic.

  • On the operational level the most important lever is capacity optimization - achieved, for example, by demand-based vehicle modifications as well as optimized packaging and load carriers.
  • On the tactical level we leverage savings potential by adjusting to customer-specific volumes and delivery cycles or by planning pick-up and delivery at nighttime when traffic is light. We also improve our carbon efficiency through multimodal transport solutions, route optimization and careful selection of transport subcontractors.
  • On the strategic level we are committed to continuously optimizing the carbon efficiency of our logistics networks. This includes carefully selecting sites for hubs and distribution centers, as well as optimizing international routing.