Sector Overview

The UniStorage Approach

We make simple and unique experience.


UniStorage Sector Approach

Each industry has certain characteristics and supply chain requirements, hence our sector management approach is to work with customers to optimize value proposals for their industry-specific needs.

Built around dedicated professionals who fully understand your business in depth, our industry sector approach is designed to utilize UniStorage's extensive knowledge and geographical reach as a whole, to provide convenient and sustainable solutions that are ideal for your particular industry. This includes the infrastructure center and the specific competencies to provide the specialized expertise required by your sector.

The key to our success is to create a simple and unique experience by sector, making it easier for you to do business with us. With our industry's innovative and innovative solutions, we will create a competitive edge for you.

Our Core Industry Sector

In our 2015 strategy we decided to focus further into your industry starting with the Posting, Storage, Packing & Labeling, Farming and Breeding sectors in the industry. In those sectors, we are working on UniStorage's overall sector strategy to deliver the best possible value and to work with you to optimize value proposition for your particular industry. With this approach, we will take precedence over your needs, and will work to resolve new solutions in anticipation of future needs.