Advice for receiving parcels during Covid-19 crisis

19 MARCH 2020

Concerns over the current situation of the Covid-19 crisis. Hand over items to recipients, where possible. Shipper is encouraged to reduce the size of their package to facilitate delivery of this type as much as possible.

STEP 1 - If the package doesn't fit in the mailbox, the shipping worker should knock on the door or call the bell to let you know they are there. The package must be placed at the door for the person to pick it up without contact with the delivery person.

STEP 2 - No handwriting or electronic signature is required as the purpose is to avoid close contact.

STEP 3 - The person receiving the compartment must wait before opening the door, to give the delivery man time to step back. They are also advised to wash their hands after receiving and opening the compartment.

Everyone is reminded that gesture barriers should be respected by all and that workers who believe they are sick should not go to work.