Sending Services

UniStorage Letter & Mail Services 

Prepare your letters, documents and cards with the right amount of postage for their destination. Explore your options to register your mail and create stamps with your own photo or design. Send your mail within UniStorage or internationally with Malaysia Post. See how to calculate your postage rate and letter size. Also find options to send your item faster, track it and add creativity.

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UniStorage Courier Services   

Find all you need for sending mail and parcels within UniStorage and around the world. Use our online shipping tools and add some fun to your mail with specialty stamps. Guaranteed next working day delivery (D+1) within Courier Service Provider coverage areas. This included Prof-of-Delivery' (POD) may apply. 

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UniStorage Vehicle Services

Prepare your vehicle to sending options to match the speed, price and tracking you want. Save time with online tools to prepare your vehicle at home, and see the best way to package and ship an vehicle. We offer a bespoke facility and weekly share container services throughout the East Malaysia. For temporary road trips we can arrange a suitable vehicle shipments from any Malaysia location.

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UniStorage Cargo Services

Prepare your cargo to sending options to consolidate into pallet or concatenate, price and tracking you want. Save time at the cargo office with online tools to prepare your cargo at home, and see the best way to package and ship an sea or air freight.

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UniStorage ePost Services

Prepare your package at home and ship it across Malaysia, or anywhere in the world. Create, pay for and print your shipping label online. Then drop it off at any post office. Don’t have a printer? Prepare and purchase your label online, then visit a UniStorage office with your email receipt on your mobile device – we’ll print the label for you.

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UniStorage Custom Affair Services

We provide Customs Clearance services for postal items that are held or broken in Customs Areas in Malaysia. You may appoint us as a representative to manage it including dealing with OGA's and direct submission to the recipient. UniStorage offers a full range of customs services for both import and export transactions. 

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