Penang Hill Jeep Service

Botanical Gardens has a jeep service that will take tourists up and down the road which is 5 km to Penang Hill. The price for the round trip jeep service is only RM 160 + RM5 booking charge totaling RM160 per jeep and can accommodate 4-5 people. The driver on duty will also tell stories about each attraction along the way. By riding this jeep, you will see many old bungalow houses that are decades old and have the influence of old English architecture. One of the best stops here is a stop at a hut that has a stunning view of the city of Penang. In general, the round trip of 4-5 km is very relaxing and you can try this activity after you are tired of walking in other interesting places in Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera. 
You can also book for a jeep to pick you up at the accommodation premises or hotel and take you back there.

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Penang Hill Jeep Service (Perkhidmatan Jeep Penang Hill/பினாங்கு ஹில் ஜீப் சேவை)

  • RM85.00

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